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Calendar 2017

For information regarding all ASC Schools 2017 Term Dates, please go to the relevant school's website (Click on the ASC Home page for links to each school.)


Click here to download a copy of the ASC's 2017 Calendar.


Annual General Meetings

ASC (Inc.) AGM, Tuesday 9 May at 6.30pm in the Banksia Room at Wollaston Conference Centre


St George's Anglican Grammar School (Inc.) AGM, Tuesday 9 May at 4.30pm in the Banksia Room at Wollaston Conference Centre.


ASC Board Meetings at 5.00pm in the ASC Boardroom
Tuesday 14 February 
Tuesday 9 May     Banksia Room, Wollaston Conference Centre
Tuesday 13 June 
Tuesday 8 August 
Tuesday 17 October
Tuesday 12 December


ASC Finance & Audit Committee at 4.30pm in the ASC Boardroom
Monday 6 February 
Tuesday 28 February
Monday 3 April   

Monday 1 May
Wednesday 7 June
Tuesday 18 July 

Tuesday 22 August

Tuesday 12 September
Tuesday 31 November  

Tuesday 21 November   


ASC Bursars'/Business Managers' Meetings
Friday 24 February  1.30pm, Peter Moyes Anglican Community School
Friday 19 May (WA only) 10.00am, prior to WA Senior Staff Retreat, Shoalwater

Friday 26 May (NSW/VIC only) 10.00am, prior to NSW/VIC Senior Staff Retreat

Friday 25 August  1.30pm, ASC Boardroom (working lunch provided)
Friday 10 November  10.00am, TBC


ASC Principals' Meetings at 12.30pm in the ASC Boardroom

Thursday 9 March, 11.00am, Perth Airport Terminal 1, Virgin Australia Boardroom
Thursday 15 June 
Thursday 14 September

Thursday 30 November, 12.00noon - 3.00pm,  Luncheon Venue TBC


ASC Chairs' & Principals' Meetings at 4.30pm at Wollaston Conference Centre
Thursday 9 March, 4.30pm, Perth Airport Terminal 1, Virgin Australia Boardroom

Thursday 15 June 
Thursday 14 September


ASC Capital Development Committee at 4.00pm in the ASC Boardroom
Monday 11 September
Monday 13 November  (if required)


ASC Remuneration Review Committee 
Thursday 15 June at 3.30pm at Wollaston Conference Centre


ASC New Schools Committee at 5.00pm in the ASC Boardroom
Tuesday 14 February at 4.00pm.
Tuesday 2 May
Tuesday 30 May
Tuesday 1 August
Monday 16 October
Monday 20 November


ASC Equal Employment Opportunity Committee
Friday 10 March  at 1.00pm, ASC Boardroom

Thursday 7 September at 4.00pm, WebEx/Teleconference


ASC WA Senior Staff Meetings at 12.30pm at Wollaston Conference Centre
Tuesday 14 March (Primary)

Tuesday 21 March (Secondary)
Friday 19 May, prior to WA Senior Staff Retreat at Shoalwater
Tuesday 25 July (Secondary)

Wednesday 26 July (Primary)
Wednesday 25 October


ASC CAGS, CCW & TAC Senior Staff Meetings, 9.30am - 3.00pm

Friday 26 May, Trinity Anglican College

Monday 14 August, Cobram Anglican Grammar School


ASC Heads of Music Meetings at 12.30pm in the ASC Boardroom
Friday 3 March       

Wednesday 26 April at 3.30pm 
Monday 21 August          
Monday 23 October   


ASC Aspiring Leaders, 2.00pm

Friday 24 March John Wollaston Anglican Community School

Tuesday 13 June Frederick Irwin Anglican School 

Tuesday 29 August John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School, TBC

Wednesday 8 November Swan Valley Anglican Community School


ASC IT Committee Meetings at 10.00am in the ASC Boardroom

Thursday 23 February

Thursday 11 May

Thursday 17 August

Thursday 16 November


ASC Education Support, 10.30am at Wollaston Conference Centre

Wednesday 22 March

Wednesday 21 June

Friday 27 October


ASC CAGS, CCW & TACS Induction Day at Cathedral College Wangaratta

Tuesday 24 January, 9.30am - 3.00pm


ASC CAGS, CCW & TACS Chaplains & RE Educators, 9.30am - 3.00pm

Thursday 25 May at Trinity Anglican College

Tuesday 15 August at Cobram Anglican Grammar School 


ASC Christian Purposes Day at HBF Stadium, Stephenson Avenue, Mt Claremont
 Wednesday 26 April, 9.30am - 3.00pm


ASC WA Senior Staff Retreat at St John of God Retreat Centre, Shoalwater
Friday 19 May - Saturday 20 May, 5.00pm (19/5) - 4.00pm (20/5)


ASC CAGS, CCW & TAC Senior Staff Retreat at Kerferd Hotel, Beechworth

Friday 26 May - Saturday 27 May, 5.00pm (26/5) - 4.00pm (27/5)


ASA Conference - Brisbane
Thursday 16 August, Chaplains' Day, Brisbane Convention Centre

Friday 11 August - Saturday 12 August, Conference, Brisbane Convention Centre



WAASA Full Meeting of the Association at Wollaston Chapel & Conference Centre, Mount Claremont

Friday 10 March, 7.30am for Eucharist, Breakfast and Meeting


WAASA Induction Day for Teachers New to Anglican Schools

Friday 20 January, 9.00am - 4.00pm, Wollaston Conference Centre


WAASA Year 12 2016 Student Leaders' Reunion

Friday 5 May, 12.30pm - 3.00pm


WAASA Year 11 Student Leaders' (2017) Day at Wollaston Conference Centre

Friday 3 November, 9.30am - 3.00pm